If you are a pet owner then you'll know that the one thing every dog needs is a patch of grass to call their own.


Real grass can be a bit of a headache for dog owners though, especially when you end up with bald and muddy patches or areas of dead yellow grass - not to mention muddy paws running through the house.

Using fake grass for dogs is an excellent solution to all of these problems. Not only is an artificial lawn low maintenance and cost effective, it doesn't need repairing or replacing regularly like real grass either. What's more is that fake grass is both kind to paws and durable enough to deal with even the rowdiest of dogs.

An artificial lawn will not only prove practical for your pet, it will also look just like a perfectly manicured lawn, without any of the fuss. The long life expectancy makes it a real investment piece for all the family, two legs and four.

Of course, you can use artificial grass for dogs in agility training or kennel runs too. In fact, our Premier Curl grass is perfect as a training surface because it can withstand a lot of traffic and doesn't require a lot of upkeep; it has even been used in the Main Ring at Crufts and at Discover Dogs exhibitions.

Our range offers several suitable options when it comes to artificial grass for dogs, and all of them are easy to clean and superb at retaining their form.  Partially sand-filled options  are perfect for more boisterous dog. They have a natural look but the sand keeps the grass in place and protected.

Every option available in our recommend range of fake grass for dogs is high quality, low maintenance and durable enough to withstand even the most challenging of dogs and training.

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