We make artificial grass easy for you

Our goal is to make to make the artificial grass landscaping as easy as possible. Our trained professionals will take care of the entire process from start to finish. 


Step 1: Free consultation

Every artificial grass landscaping project starts with a quick conversation to see if artificial grass is what you are looking for. You can discuss your landscape desires and schedule a date to measure the area for pricing accuracy with one of our professional installation partners.  

Once the site is visited, RC Artificial Grass will prepare a free customized quote for your project. 


Step 2: Sign the agreement 

Your personalized agreement breaks down all the costs for your artificial grass  for yourlandscape project. You’ll find it and the most important details of the agreement right on the front page.

There are no hidden fees, but you’ll find plenty of guarantees and warranties that protect you and your home.

Artificial Grass Masters (308).jpg

Step 3: 1-2 day installation

Most artificial grass installation take only a 1-2 days.  Most backyard and front yard projects do not require permits, so no need to  waste time waiting for the city to get back to you.  All you have to do is watch it all come together.


Step 4: Have the perfect landscape

Here’s the best part. Once the artificial grass is installed, you can start saving on your water utility bill instantly. You can now enjoy the perfect landscape all year around. No more mowing the lawn and no water needed to keep your landscape green.

Let's help you get started