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LEED Certification and Credits for Artificial Turf Projects.

There has been an overwhelming demand for a benchmark certification program for GREEN construction projects. This construction benchmark is sponsored by the non-profit US Green Building Council and the program is called LEED.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The projects that have the LEEDS seal of approval are showing that the project demonstrates energy-efficiency and a lower to operating costs. Furthermore, enhance the occupant health and wellbeing but most importantly increase investment returns as compares to other non-LEED approved building products.

The LEED certification is achieved with an accrued amount of points, out of 69 points total, for GREEN products and certifications are awarded in levels Platinum (52 Pts), Gold (39 Pts) and Silver Levels (33pts) as well as standard LEED certification with 26pts.

Artificial turf products provide points under LEED New Construction and LEED of Existing Buildings in the following areas:


WE Credit 1.1: Water Efficiency Landscaping: 50% Reduction – 1 Point.

WE Credit 1.2: Water Efficiency Landscaping: No potable Water Use or No Irrigation – Additional 1 Point.


MR Credit 2.1: Construction Waste Management: Divert 50% From Disposal – 1 Point.

MR Credit 2.2: Construction Waste Management: Divert 75% From Disposal – 1 Point in addition to MR Credit 2.1.

MR Credit 3.1: Materials Reuse: 5% – 1 Point.

MR Credit 3.2: Materials Reuse: 10% – 1 Point in addition to MR Credit 3.1.

MR Credit 4.1: Recycled Content: 10% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer) – 1 Point.

MR Credit 4.2: Recycled Content: 20% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer) – 1 Point in addition to MR Credit 4.1.

MR Credit 5.1: Regional Materials: 10% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally – 1 Point.

MR Credit 5.2: Regional Materials: 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally – 1 Point in addition to MR Credit 5.1.

In addition, four other points may be awarded for artificial turf towards ID Credit 1-1-4 of Innovation in Design. These additional four points are possible because the products are of a recyclable nature and there are several water saving benefits.

For more detailed information on LEED, please visit the US Green Building Council’s website:

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